As the world becomes increasingly digital, cryptocurrency is the next natural step in the evolution of money. Pi is the first digital currency for everyday people, representing a major step forward in the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.” –Pi Network


Nowadays, the travel industry's high demand sector is around 1.7 billion USD all around the world, this indicates that cash flow in this sector is huge.


Meanwhile, it helps the pi ecosystem as it initiates all transactions in pi, promoting the currency used by local vendors from travelers or tourists currently, the major travel websites provide a wide variety of options, but the biggest problem travelers face, when they go to different countries they must exchange the currency of that country, which causes exchange differential losses.

Pi Network's decentralized cryptocurrency system provides people with the convenience of traveling. Therefore, on our platform, you do not need to exchange foreign currencies and cause exchange rate losses, and you can easily obtain the services you need when traveling.


Our Mission: Build a decentralized travel service platform, fully supporting Pi currency transactions payment method, which can avoid the loss of foreign exchange rate during travel.


Our Vision: With the contributions of more than 35+Million pioneers in more than 200+ countries around the world, hence Pi coins can truly circulate all over the world and become a brand new choice for leading the cryptocurrency system to become the world's legal currency.





Our scope is to create a tourist platform that will give all users the ability to pay by Pi cryptocurrency transactions payment method during traveling periods. Therefore, on our platform, you do not need to exchange foreign currencies and cause exchange rate losses, and you can easily obtain any kinds of services you need when traveling to a different country.



OUR SERVICE designed a one-stop service system from the perspective of travelers and the habits of users. The clear and simple screen design and user-friendly service system allow users to easily select the services they need on this platform, you can easily book on the PitoGo platform and use pi cryptocurrency to pay as follows services:



(1) Online hotels, restaurants, and delivery meals reservation services:


We provide tourist accommodations (HOTEL, BnB), restaurant reservations, food delivery services (Pi Eat like Uber Eat services, etc.)

Most of us during the traveling, we all want to find good local food or some special local meal, we also can have those it into our platform, if the travel would like to have a wonderful meal, they also can have the reservation of the restaurant, or if something especial (Street Food Stand), they also can order from their hotel without good to the shop if they don't want to go out.


(2) Online transportation booking services:

We provide online booking services for airlines, trains, cruises, etc.


(3) Local transportation booking services:

We provide online reservation and rental services for taxis, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.


(4) Online event tickets purchase services:

We provide online tickets purchase for one-time events such as attractions, activities, amusement parks, travel itineraries, etc.


(5) Tourist souvenirs purchase and delivery service:

We provide online souvenir purchases. We all know, when traveling to a different area, may want to buy some special souvenirs, but maybe due to its size or personal luggage may not suitable to carry the goods. On our platform, we can provide D2D shipping services to take care of it.





When tourists purchase on the platform and perform checkout actions with Pi payment. Tourists only need to confirm the payment amount with a tab on the passphrase to complete the payment quickly, and we will send notification SMS (or Email), safe and reliable.


Participating stores can set up prepayment and final payment functions in the background to facilitate tourists' payments.




We can broaden the cooperation with a local travel agency in different regions that accept the Pay by Pi, and the licensed travel agency of the respective countries will establish the country’s travel service content in the platform to provide the most complete and convenient travel consultation. 


This is an integrated global platform, you can get the tourism activity plan you want in here without going to different regions' websites. 


We also accept some local companies to have their paid advertisement shows on our platform, or some local traveler agencies to have their traveling package on our platform.



Every time a tourist consumes on the platform, they can get points rewards, and the earned points can be accumulated and used in the next consumption to obtain more preferential price options.



To travelers:

One-stop services platform to take care of everything, and also pay by Pi cryptocurrency, user does not have to bring a lot of money during tour periods.


In order to allow more users to use our services in different regions, we will cooperate with local travel service providers in different countries and establish a regional service team business and platform maintenance services, so that PitoGo can provide 7/24 non-stop services for every user all around the world.


To services vendors:

By Pi payment method, vendors don't have to wait like 1 hour ~3 days payment confirmation, only a few seconds transaction can make into the wallet (Platform will log the order payment for customer payment history tracking)


To area representative:

Every time services have been made, they will return a certain rate of commission from the platform in Pi cryptocurrency.


To Platform:

The Platform will get some service fees from services providers & traveler payments, to keep the platform running the business. And also the entire team's salary will pay by the platform's profits.